Dorina's Ruby red potion | Pomegranate syrup
Cuisine: sweet, jam, breakfast
*note: the proportion juice / sugar is 50%, therefore it depends on the amount of juice you obtain from your pomegranates. When the syrup is hot it's quite liquid but once cold, it will thicken.
  • (about 750 ml of syrup / 5 jars of 150 ml each).
  • 500 ml of pure pomegranate juice (I've used ⅘ big ripe pomegranates)
  • 500 gr sugar
  1. Use some glass jars with lids, making sure they are perfectly clean and dry.
  2. Shell the pomegranates and put their cleaned seeds into a bowl. You should make sure that there isn't any white bits from the peeling.
  3. Use a potato masher or a vegetable mill and squeese the juice out of the seeds into a high edged pot. Squeese the seeds more than once so to extract as much of the juice as possible.
  4. Add the sugar and put over a high heat. Bring to the boil and turn the heat off.
  5. Fill the jars with the hot syrup, put the lids on and close well. Put the jars under a blanket to let them cool down slowly and to vacuum-sealed them. Do not take the blanket off until the cooling process is over.
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