How To Prepare The Olives – First Part – The Curing Method
The olives I'm talking about in this post are called “moraiola”, a very common and much sought-after type of olive in central Italy. They are small and round, with not much flesh but very tasty. All varieties of olives must be treated to lose their bitterness and so become edible. This is a slow but essential process that needs to be done daily for about a week. *Note: Here I'm giving the time that I have used for curing this specific type of olive, before passing to the next step where I explain how to make homemade black olives tapenade. For this method the olives are pitted immediately to speed up the process of leaching out the bitter liquid but it is not the method for curing unpitted olives which requires different times (about a month!).
  • black olives
  • fine salt
  • water
  1. With a knife or using the specific tool, remove the stones from the olives. Place the pitted olives in a large bowl, preferably made of glass. *(after a little while your nails and fingers will turn black and a little sticky but it is a task impossible to do if wearing gloves).
  2. Fully cover the olives with cold water and leave them for 3 days, changing the water twice a day, morning and evening.
  3. Then, a further 4-5 days of soaking in cold salty water. Change the salty water only once a day and stir the olives from time to time. You should use the right amount of salt, which is about 50g of salt for every liter of water. Based on the amount of olives you need to cure, used the right amount of water to cover them fully.
  4. When the soaking time is over, the olives will have leached out their bitterness and will be ready for the next step.
  5. Taste one and if they are still bitter, extend the soaking process a bit longer.
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